Chapter Eighteen: Bridal Obligations

Christopher looked dashing in his suit, and I couldn’t help but smile. Between my Maid of Honor duties and Christopher being a groomsman for Aiden, our busy lives had turned into controlled chaos. Our time together was scarce, often occurring among the fields of my parent’s farm, sneaking in lunch amongst the rows of strawberries.

Christina came in, looking unsure of herself in a cotton gown. Her gaze rested on her mother, looking for approval before she scanned the room for her bridal party’s reactions. The dress was beautiful but I knew my best friend. She had been planning her wedding since we could talk and this dress did not match her vision.

Lauren, who did not look pregnant despite my knowledge that she was, voiced my thoughts, “You look great but I don’t think it’s right.”

Fiona nodded her agreement. She was older than us by two years, but I knew her from youth group. She had been quiet and modest back then. It didn’t appear she had changed.

Christina showed off more dresses, spinning and inspecting each with a careful eye. We ‘ooh’ and ‘awed’ and lent a patient ear to all of her criticism and acknowledgments, but more often than not Samantha had the final word; thwarting them for showing too much skin or hugging Christina’s curves too tightly.

Our time was almost up when Christina entered, eyes bright. She twirled in front of the mirror without prompting, the full skirt of her ball gown twirling around her. The bodice accentuated her large chest and small waist, with lace sleeves providing the perfect balance of elegance and modesty.

“Honey, why don’t we try on another,” Samantha suggested.

“It’s perfect, Mama.”

“You don’t think it shows off too much… cleavage?”

My heart ached for Christina. The gown she donned marked every check she had ever given me, not to mention she looked gorgeous in it. Christina looked at us for backup but Lauren and Fiona wouldn’t meet her eyes.

“I think she looks beautiful.” I chose my words carefully, fully aware that this was both my best friends and boyfriend’s mother. As much as I wanted Christina to have her dream wedding dress, I did not want to be in Mrs. Levitt’s bad graces either.

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate to show so much skin while making a commitment to Jesus,” Samantha said.

Christina’s face flushed, “You’re right, Mama.” She left the room in a hurry, the tension in her shoulders revealing her heartbreak.

My phone vibrated on our way out. Jay’s nickname lit up the screen. I ignored the call, knowing he would text me if it was important. On cue, my phone vibrated again.

8 thoughts on “Chapter Eighteen: Bridal Obligations

  1. Aww… that’s tricky… with Christina and the dress. I think it’s utterly stunning on her and she would be a beautiful bride, plus I don’t think it’s too immodest, but I couldn’t fully tell with her hair. I hope she finds her dream dress. I know I wanted a modest but pretty gown for my own wedding and after alterations it ended up being much, much, much lower than I anticipated. I didn’t have time to make another choice so I just went with it. I felt pretty confident and gorgeous as soon as my spouse-to-be laid eyes on me and I forgot all about the low cut.

    I wonder what’s going to happen with Carson. And if Jay will cause more drama for Topher/Willow. Another great chapter!


  2. Jay has the worst timing, lol. It’s really sad that Tina couldn’t get the dress she wanted, but if I were one of her bridesmaids (and a Sim, lol), I would totally save the day.

    I was in a cotillion when I was 16, and we all wore wedding gowns for the coming out. Some of the girls had a larger chest, and the style of dresses back then was very specific. Three or four of them actually had lace panels sewn into the bodice of the dress. it make the neckline more modest, essentially converting a deep v-neck into a high rounded neck. And the lace fit with the style of the dress and was very affordable to add.

    Can you see how invest I am, lol? I’m actually trying to save Christina’s wedding dress. She may annoy me so very often, but I still love her.

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